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Silver Lake Water Quality Project

The Watershed District is working to engage residents who live in Silver Lake's watershed to take action to protect clean water. We hope to install…

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Coming together for a healthier Duck Lake

The Watershed District and the City of Eden Prairie are partnering to engage residents who live in Duck Lake's watershed to take action to protect…

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Bluff Creek Tributary Restoration

A project to improve the health of Bluff Creek by decreasing streambank erosion and reconnecting the creek to nearby wetlands

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Lake Susan Park Pond Project

This project will implement an iron-enhanced sand filter at the edge of Lake Susan Pond Park, in order to clean the water before it flows into Lake…

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Chanhassen High School Stormwater Capture and Reuse

This project will capture stormwater before it flows into Bluff Creek, and reuse the water to irrigate athletic fields at Chanhassen High School.

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Fire Station Two (Eden Prairie)

Through a grant from the Metropolitan Council, the District partnered with the city of Eden Prairie to implement water conservation practices at Fire…

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Lower Riley Creek Ecological Restoration

Riley Creek is unhealthy due to high levels of sediment in the water. There is active erosion occurring along the creek because of increased…

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Scenic Heights School Forest Restoration

Welcome to the Scenic Heights School Forest Restoration! This project will restore a healthy ecosystem in the school forest, one that promotes clean…

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Lake Lucy Spent Lime Treatment

Lake Susan was listed in 2010 as an impaired water body for nutrients by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. As a result in 2013, the District…

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